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This page displays my genealogy through the male Holland line beginning with an early twelfth-century Vcke de Longworth, and continuing through one John Holland who came to America in 1630 with Captain John Smith; the genealogy then traces his descendants in America. The genealogy indulges in a digression to list the colorful descendants of Thurstan de Holande, 1220 – 1272, through his son Robert; another son William is my direct ancestor.
Do not use this genealogy as a reference! It is not scientific: it depends almost entirely on secondary sources. Of these, one of the most important and easily accessible is Bernard Holland, The Lancashire Hollands (London: John Murray, 1917), available for free download as a PDF file from the Internet Archive both here and here. This genealogy refers to it as TLH; many if not most Internet sources refer to it. But the discovery that one Internet source had been convicted of bigamy, passing a bad check, parole violation, and possessing a stolen weapon, in addition to other turpitudes, cast upon all of his data the dense shadow of strong doubt. Many Internet sources reference The Lancashire Hollands through him; I therefore downloaded my own copy. But remember that this source is secondary.
The Lancashire Hollands often alludes to a 17th-century document titled “The Visitations of Norfolk, 1563, 1589 and 1613,” constituting censuses taken at the specified dates, reprinted in 1869 as Vol. 32 of the publications of The Harleian Society. Photographic images of this publication are available on the Internet; I downloaded pertinent pages and refer and link to them as appropriate. Three-volume reprints in 1887–1893 of these “Visitations” are available for downloading at
The Ancestry World Tree of is a good starting point for beginning or verifying a genealogy, especially for finding and attempting to reconcile conflicting data.
I dedicate this genealogy to my youngest brother Tom (Thomas Kent), who led me to sources for the data of the Hollands in America, thereby supplying the impetus to prepare this genealogy.
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Key to dates:
~ means “approximately”
< means “before”
> means “after”

Vcke de Longworth ~1105 – ?
Siward de Longworth
Other sources have Vcke born in 1118.
Lady Juliana Eva
Mathew de Holande, Ughtred de Chycrche, Henry de Cleiton, Sir Richard de Stainall, Alan de Holande, Siward de Duxbury
Other sources have Siward born between 1128 and 1171. Of 199 results of a search for “Siward de Longworth” on Ancestry World Tree, only Don Tiffin ventures to provide the names for the children listed here. Most of the others have only Mathew.
Mathew de Holande ~1175 – ~1224
Margaret de Harcourt
Robert, Adam
Robert de Holande ~1198 – ~1258
Cecily de Columbers
Thurstan, Adam, Richard
According to The Lancaster Hollands, p. 237, these were the only three sons of Robert, and Thurstan was the eldest.
Sir Thurstan de Holande ~1220 – >1272
Robert, William, Richard, Margaret, Roger, Adam
Thurstan, Adam, Elias, Simon
Various sources agree with The Lancashire Hollands, p. 3, in listing two sons with the same name Adam.
Sir William de Holland ~1255 – <1321
William, Richard
Sir William de Holland ~1275 – >1325
Joan de Pleasington
Sir Thurstan de Holland ~1297 – >1368
Richard, William, three other sons.
Here The Lancashire Hollands contradicts itself. A family tree of the “Hollands of Denton and Heaton” on p. 268, declares this Thurstan to be the son of William of Sharples and the grandson of Thurstan of Upholland. But the next page declares that William of Sharples had a son also named William who was the father of this Thurstan, and asserts that this Thurstan was the great-grandson of Thurstan of Upholland. This genealogy follows the text on p. 269 to show both Williams. Other sources supply the dates.
Sir Richard de Holland ~1325 – 1402
Thurstan, William, Nicholas
Thurstan Holland ~1360 – 1423
Thurstan, Richard, Henry, Thomas
Thurstan Holland ~1390 – <1467
Margaret Warren
Richard, Margaret, Elizabeth
Richard Holland 1432 – 7 Feb. 1483
Richard, Nicholas, Lawrence, Margaret
Richard Holland ~1450 – ~1501
Thurstan, William, Robert, Thomas, Peter, Ellen
Sir Robert de Holande ~1241 – >1311
Elizabeth Samlesbury
William, Ameria, Joan, Margery, Alan, Robert
Sir Robert Holland ~1281 – 15 Oct. 1328
Otho, Allan, John, Thomas, Isabella
Maud Chaworth
Sir Thomas Holland ~1314 – 28 Dec. 1360
Joan Plantagenet, “the Fair Maid of Kent”
Thomas, John, Joan, Maud
John Holland ~1352 – 16 Jan. 1400
Richard, Constance, Alice, John, Edward
John Holland <1394 – 1447
Unnamed mistress
Anne Stafford
Beatrice of Portugal
Anne Montacute
Henry Holland 27 June 1430 – 1475
William, Thomas (illegitimate)
Anne Holland ~1459 – >1467
George Manners
Thurstan Holland ~1470 – 11 Oct. 1508
Robert, Sir Richard, John, Lawrence, Ralph, Edward, Thurston, Eleanor, Elizabeth
John Holland ~1494 – ?
Bryan Holland >1492 – ?
Guy, Oliver, John, Edward, Elizabeth, and others
Bryan “in Blomefield’s ‘History of Norfolk’ (1739, vol. i, p. 231), is said to have been a grandson of Thurstan Holland of Denton, who died in 1508, by his third son, John. No such son John is, however, mentioned in the Denton pedigree.” (TLH p. 319). The Visitations of Norfolk, 1563, 1589 and 1613, p. 158, shows Bryan and various children including Edward. It does not show Edward’s descendants.
Edward Holland ~1512 – <1612
John Holland ~1532 – 1578
Barbara Bayley
Philemon Holland ~1552 – 9 Feb. 1636
William, Abraham, Henry James, Richard, Anne, Elizabeth, Francis Gabriell, Robert
The Lancashire Hollands states that Philemon had seven sons and three daughters (p. 325) but deigns to name only Henry and Abraham (pp. 326,327).
William Holland <1580 – ~1636
John the Elder, Richard, Gabriel Francis, William, Robert
John Holland 29 Sept. 1580 – 1652
Judith Stephens
John Jr., Humphrey, Thomas, Nathaniel, Deliverance, Obedience, Prudence, Relieffe
CAVEAT: Some sources state that he was born as my genealogy shows, in 1580 (or 1597) of William and Mary. Other sources declare him to have been born in Nov. 1602 in Plymouth, Devonshire, of John Henry Holland and Elizabeth Barker. I found no source for John Henry Holland that lists his progenitors. So if William is wrong and John Henry is correct, then my entire genealogy back from William Holland would appear to be erroneous, mistaken and wrong.
According to Robert Charles Anderson et al., The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634,35, III (G,H), 377, John died in Dorchester between 3 Aug. and 10 Sept. 1652; Wiley Holland supplies this information. Many Internet sources state that in 1652 he sailed on the ship Endeavor bound for Virginia, but the ship was wrecked and he died at sea. But of these Internet sources that in turn specify their own source, most if not all of them cite the questionable individual excoriated at the top of this page.
Nathaniel Holland 30 Mar. 1623 – 1710
Sarah Hosier
Sarah, Ruth, Nathaniel Jr., John, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary
One source lists all of the children except Samuel; another source lists all of the children except Elizabeth and Mary. Mary Beth Wheeler argues that he was the son not of John Holland but of one Joseph of London.
John Holland 7 Apr. 1674 – >1727
Elizabeth Park
Joseph, Elizabeth, Abigail, Jonas, Ephraim, Sarah, Benjamin, Samuel, John Jr.
Elizabeth Shattuck
Richard, Ruth
Samuel Holland 9 July 1721 – 24 Apr. 1764
Sarah Hastings
Elizabeth, John, Abigail, Sarah, Reuben, Joab, Paul, Mary, Patty
Paul Holland 13 Apr. 1761 – ?
Park, Polly, Patty, Paul Jr., Sophia, Calvin A.
Park Holland 19 Feb. 1791 – 12–19 June 1832
Ashley, Caroline, Luther, Leonard, Hannah, Wales, Charles, Mary C., Philo
Esther Bridgman
Other sources omit his wife Hannah and assign all of his children to Esther Bridgman.
Leonard Holland 26 July 1815 – 29 May 1886
Lucy Anna Bartlett
Ellen Caroline, Lucy Bartlett
Louisa Maria Chesebrough
Edward, Louise Marie, Frank Leonard, William Bridgman, Philo Leon
Other sources declare that one Marie Whitcomb was his first wife.
Frank Leonard Holland 25 June 1862 – 28 Aug. 1921
Philo Knowles, Leonard Chesebrough, Francis Marion (“Budge”), Kent Bridgman
The principle source for these data is a handwritten document by my paternal grandmother Mary Jane Knowles.
Francis Marion (“Budge”) Holland 13 Dec. 1903 – May 1966
John Stewart Holland 25 July 1934 —
Benjamin Francis
Benjamin Francis Holland 20 Sept. 1966 —
Erika, Jessica